Curb Cycle is a an app created to ease the process of recycling by offering an Uber-like service for picking up recyclables. 

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The Project

Start up is a week long design sprint hosted by the FLUX club where  my 4 teammates and I were tasked with creating a product or service in just under 7 days.

Project Duration

February 2020

1 week

The Problem

The recycling in Savannah is confusing and inconvenient, causing the majority of

residents to avoid recycling. 

My Role

Mobile / UI Designer

UX Designer


The Goal

Mobile app prototype

Physical Product

Final Presentation

We want to make recycling in Savannah less confusing and more convenient.

The Solution

Curb-Cycle! An app that provides a convenient, on demand, and Uber-like service, simplifying the process of recycling in Savannah, GA.

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Research phase

We started by becoming PROS in everything recycling. We wanted to know more about why we should recycle and the CORRECT way to do so. This also helped us make certain decisions for the app. 



After becoming recycling pros and interviewing a multitude of Savannah residents about their experiences with recycling in Savannah (as well as trying it ourselves), we found some astonishing data.


Our Idea

Create a simple app that reduces the stress of recycling for the residents of Savannah, GA

An Uber-like service; however, instead of picking up people, it is designed to pick up recyclables


I ALWAYS start ideating my designs first on paper. Even if it's extremely messy I just like getting all my thoughts out before I create true wires



Lets talk about the app

Curb Cycle was my first full app prototype I had ever created. To say I learned a few things from this experience would be an understatement. I quickly learned how to properly ideate through wireframes moving to workable deliverables made on a completely foreign program (Figma).

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When the user has recycling they want to get rid of, they can schedule a simple recycle pick up on our app. In similarities to Uber Eats, a driver will confirm a pick up with you and come grab your recycling at your requested location. You also have size options to make sure the driver doesn't take a 70 gallon trash can in their car. 

I wanted the process of recycling to be completely transparent and right in the users face when they decide to recycle. The app makes the user physically check off that they have properly recycled so that their items can safely be recycled.  

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Bag Collaboration 

Coupled with our app we also wanted to create a physical product. So we developed a sustainable, reusable bag made out of eco-friendly, pure cotton duck cloth and waterproof polyethylene liner to be used as pickup bags to use with the app.

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 1.11.57 PM.png

We wanted these bags to begin conversations, and to stand out

We reached out to eco-focused non-profits across Savannah to collaborate with us, and we received support from 4! Each company would sponsor a certain bag, and part of the profit from the sales would go back to the company. This not only incentivizes people to purchase the bags, but it also gives back to the environment. 


This project was my first big UX project and I am immensely proud of how it turned out. My team and I ended up winning fan favorite along with $5,000 and an offer to continue working on this idea. There are a multitude of things I would go back and fix but for now, it stands as my most favorite project to date.