FullCircle LLC

UX / UI Internship

Early this fall, I accepted an offer to work as a User Interface Designer for the mental health app start up, FullCircle. Focusing on creating a unique gamified experience, I worked directly with app developers, psychologists, and designers to create the look, flow and experience of the app and website.

I took on this opportunity while also being a full time student, so I learned skills like time management and organization quickly. Likewise, I've learned to be a team player. I love working with people across the country and across different disciplines because it strengthens my designs. Working closely with the psychology and development teams has taught me proper prototyping for easy implementation, how to thoroughly explain my designs so they can understand the flow, and proper UX writing.

We are currently on our Pilot Project 1 and will soon be pushing out the app to 500 users! Excited to see the future of this app.