In light of the global pandemic, all of our lives have drastically changed in hopes of creating a safer environment, however some people could contract a deadly virus by simply reading. S3NCE was created to help the visually impaired community to safely read braille and become more independent in their day-to-day lives.


Project Duration

July 2020

48 hours

My Role

UX Researcher

Mobile Designer


Team Members

Mobile App


Final Presentation

Lara Federspiel

Gracie Nguyen

Project Setting

SCAD PRO hosted a 48-hour design challenge surrounding the global pandemic. My two teammates and I were challenged to design something that would elevate touch in a creative way in just under two days.





The blind community relies on touch to read, but due to the global pandemic, touch isn't always the best option.  

Create a safer environment for the visually impaired community.


A portable brail system that will eliminate touch and provide independence to the visually impaired.


An adhesive bluetooth Braille pad for the back of your phone...

Controlled by an app catered to the needs of the visually impaired communy 

Large text and icons with heavy contrast 

Options to be translated into braille or be read out loud

iPhone X-XS-11 Pro – 5.png
iPhone X-XS-11 Pro – 8.png
iPhone X-XS-11 Pro – 10.png

The app allows visually impaired individuals to scan barcodes, braille, text, etc... to be translated to braille on the bluetooth adhesive, eliminating the factor of touch.

iPhone X-XS-11 Pro – 9.png

The app can connect to the Kroger and Walmart app to easily lead users through their grocery lists, buzzing more frequently, through sensors set up around the store, the closer they get to a certain item.