Wikipedia is a website we all love to hate. With its outdated design and problematic users, it becomes an unreliable site. So how could I change Wikipedia into a reliable site that is user-friendly and stylish?


The Project

Fluxathon is a 24 hour design sprint hosted by the FLUX club. I was tasked with redesigning a popular app or website to be more user friendly and visually appealing. In addition, creating an innovative idea that would help the redesign stand out. 

Project Duration

April 2020 

24 hours

My Role

The Problem

Wikipedia's Interface is clunky, outdated, disorganized, and open to false information.  

The Goal

UX Designer /

Web Designer


Website Mockup

Innovative Idea

Final Presentation

Get rid of problematic users and make the site more user-friendly. 


A user-focused website with a clean, updated design and an innovative profile feature. 

Framing The Problem / Research

Using Miro, I listed various pain points of Wikipedia that I collected in my multiple interviews and personal research that I wanted to fix in my reimagined Wikipedia page.

Untitled - Wikipedia PainPoints.jpg
Untitled - Frame 1.jpg

Out of the many pain points, I 

targeted two that needed direct attention.

How Might we...

Re-design wikipedia to make it more user friendly?

Untitled - Problem #2.jpg

Problem 1

Untitled - Problem #1.jpg

Problem 2

The Plan


Create an inventive new profile feature allowing more control over problematic users.


Design a welcoming user-friendly 'Wikipedia' experience with great visual hierarchy.

My Design Process

Starting off with simple sketch wireframes, I played with a simple landing page and content page mockup.


Moving on to more High Fidelity wireframes in Figma, I focused on creating an organized grid system with an easy navigation (on the right of screen) since this is what Wikipedia was lacking. On Screen 2 you can see a rough preview of the profile feature in its early stage.

Home Page Wireframe 1.jpg

Landing Page

Home Page Wireframe 4.jpg

Sign In Page

Home Page Wireframe 2.jpg

Landing Page / Profile Feature

Home Page Wireframe 3.jpg

Content Page

The Final Product!

Web 1920 – 9.jpg
Web 1920 – 8.jpg

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The Landing Page

This landing page has a modern grid layout and clear visual hierarchy, easing the experience of navigating information on the site. In addition, in making Wikipedia more user focused, I added curated content to the landing page, producing a streamlined user-friendly experience. 

Web 1920 – 9.jpg
Web 1920 – 7.jpg

I created a profile setting that allows certain users to become verified to view Wikipedia pages and check for incorrect or biased information.

Users would have to apply, and would receive certain incentives for their work. This feature would not only make the site more reliable, but more user focused which is what the old Wikipedia was lacking.


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Content Pages

The content page design was created with simple and clear navigation as well as readable text and a visually stunning image gallery on the top.



I am incredibly proud of myself for what I accomplished in just 24 hours. Through this design sprint I became more skilled in Figma and also tested my hand in user research which before this was unknown to me. I hope to do more challenges like this in the future to continue growing as a designer :)